Uppsala Wifi gives you free internet access!

Uppsala Wifi is a collaboration between Uppsala City, IP Only and several property companies giving you free internet access around the main square in Uppsala (Stora Torget), the main pedestrian street of Uppsala (Svartbäcksgatan), Dragarbrunn Street, S:t Per Street, The Old Square and other parts of central Uppsala. See the reach in the map below. We believe that free internet access will benefit innovation

How to surf

Choose the network with SSID: ”!Uppsala WiFi” in the WiFi settings of your device.

Connect and now you can surf!


  • Do I have to create an account to use Uppsala Wifi?

No, no account is needed. You only need to agree to the terms to surf for free.

  • How do I connect?
  1. Be in the range of Uppsala Wifi Access points.
  2. Choose the network with SSID: ”!uppsalawifi” in the WiFi settings of your device
  3. Read and accept the terms for surfing.
  4. Once connected, open your web browser and refresh the page if needed.
  5. Surf!
  • How can Uppsala Wifi be free?

This service is free because Uppsala City and its partners IP Only AB and others see this project as a way to show the possibilities that free wifi can create in an urban vibrant European city as Uppsala is. We see free wifi as a means to heighten the tourism experience of Uppsala City, encourage innovative entrepreneurship and democracy.